Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quickpages with my scraps

Isn't this adorable?
Angel of Angelflight Scraps has several quickpages on her blog made from my scraps (yes, including Meow!). I'm pretty tickled, as my scraps are made at 72dpi, tagger sized, and it never even occurred to me that they could be used for "real" scrap pages! I've also been told that peeps have been printing them and making cards and other projects. I'm amazed. Anyway, click the link to go to her site and check out all of the goodies there; she has beautiful scrap freebies, as well as other goodies.

And what have I been up to? Several fun things! I've assembled my first CT, wheeee, and I'll post in a couple of days to fill you all in who's who & what's what on that. And we're going to have a Padded Cell blogtrain, which will leave the station on Monday, June first!! You're gonna love this one, it's a summery theme with very bright colours, full of so many fun things, and....drumroll, please....there are going to be several tutorials to go with the completed kit. So many extra fun things to go with this kit, templates, masks, tutorials, all on the train, wheeeeee! And not a zillion stops to get them all, either.

I'll have another freebie kit up in the next couple of days, and thank you all so much for all of the wonderful comments, you've all made me sooooo happy.

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