Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm sorry to have been MIA for so long!

Sorry for the long silence, I had a bit of a medical issue to take care of (I have a new kidney, wheee!). I'm bored out of my mind, as I only am allowed up for short periods at the moment, and there's no internet in my room, which is starting to feel like a jail cell...nothing like my sparkly glittery Cell that I'm used to. Wah, huh? So I'm spending my time making goodies, and will have some nice new kits up soon, I promise.

But, at the moment, Nurse Ratchett is back to put me back in my room with my wonderful roomie (who snores when she's asleep and whines nonstop when she's awake, arrrrg). If you're inclined to pray for me, pray for my sanity, not my health, teehee! Love y'all, back asap....

Oh! I almost forgot, ruuuuuuuuuun over to The Padded Cell blog and check out the hysterical tag templates my Cellmates are sharing...warning, these are definitely not G-rated, but they are soooooooo funny!

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