Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In Loving Memory

Gypsy sadly passed away on Saturday 16th January 2010.
She and her beloved husband were involved in a head on collosion. Gypsy was dead at the scene while her husband died shortly after during surgery. Their souls will find comfort that they are together, they would be lost if they were apart.

Gypsy was many things to many people, Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend, Matron, Agony Aunt, and so much more. She touched so many people much more than she ever knew.

I will direct her children to the messages of love and condolence left here. I know they will be appreciated. Gypsy did not have many people in her life outside of her online world, so you were all very important to her.

Her blog will remain as a memorial and I am currently seeking permission to share her creations with her followers. I know she'd have wanted people to enjoy them.

I for one am grateful that my life shone a little bit brighter having had her in my life.

When we are in need of comfort
We walk down memory lane,
There we see you smiling
We talk with you again,
And as we wander slowly back
We seem to hear you say
Don't grieve. don't cry, my family,
We'll meet again some day.

Always in our Thoughts
10th Sept 1955 - 16th Jan 2010

May This Flame Burn Bright And Help You Come Home To Us!


  1. Wow, I have sat here in total disbelief at this news. Then I sat and typed and started to tear up. Its to surreal .. I can't believe it .. and I don't really know what to type. I would like to say Gypsy may you rest in peace. And Terry to. To the family, please accept my most heartfelt sincerest deepest sympathies for the loss of both your parents. I know all to well the feeling of loosing a mum, mine passed away a little less than two years ago, so those wounds are still fresh for me to. May god give you all the strength you need to get you through this difficult time. God bless.


  2. To the family of Gypsy and Terry...May you find comfort in knowing that they are at rest. Keep your hands in God's hand and you will find peace.
    So sorry to hear of Gypsy passing..I have have lost a true friend,but I know that she is still watching over us...God Bless you!!!

  3. Words seem so inadequate, but Ryan please know
    you and all the Family are in my Thoughts and Prayers.
    Gypsy ( Eileen ) was a true friend,not just to me but to anyone that came into contact with her.
    She glowed with love, care and understanding from her heart.
    Now she is at rest beneath the Oak in the Meadow she so truly loved. Terry her beloved husband is there with her, together for eternity.
    I miss you so much and always will, you were a beam of light for me when I really needed one at the end of 2009. Wherever you are I know you are watching over us,and keeping us safe.
    Loved by all, Our Gypsy, Our Friend, and now Our Guardian Angel.

  4. My heartfelt Prayers and Sympathy goes out to her children and family and friens in real life and online ..She was a great friend one I just met and was getting to know and I'm saddened by her departure ..
    we'll miss you Gypsy and Terry
    lubya always

  5. My heart breaks and goes out to their children. Hugs and comfort to them.

  6. Wishing you was here right now
    I need someone to have a good cry with
    I miss you