Thursday, April 2, 2009

FTU Tutorial~Light and Airy

This tut is dedicated to SophisticatSimone, of Scrappy Bit of Fun: designer of Beautiful Things, holder of the Exalted Rank of Mother to the Inmates at The Padded Cell, Keeper of the Keys of Humility and All Around Wonderful Lady. I used her beautiful freebie kit Light & Airy for this tag, and she has many more on her blog, ruuuuuun to check her out! Unending gratitude for all of the kindness and help along the way, Simone, mwah! It's people like you that make this fun.


A tube of your choice. I'm using the beautiful art of Caron Vinson. If you would like to use her art, you must purchase a licence at CILM.

FTU scrapkit Light & Airy by Simone at Scrappy Bit of Fun here

plugin: Mura's Meister Copies (ftu, Google it)

Open a new canvas 600x600 transparent. You may floodfill this layer if you prefer to work against a background, and then remove this layer at the end if you want to save the file as a transparent image.
Open flower-glitter-4, copy and paste as a new layer. Duplicate this layer 3 times. Arrange the flowers in a semi-circle, like this:

Merge, merge visable, then go to Image>Mirror. If you don't like the way it looks, click Undo a couple of times and move the flowers around until you get the shape you like. Once you have it right, merge visable.

Open Flower-10, copy, and close the original. Resize the copy 10 percent. Paste on your tag as a new layer. Apply Mura's Meister Copies with the following settings:

Open GlitterEdge-Frame, copy and paste as a new layer. Use your Raster Deform tool to drag the top and bottom in and the sides out to create a rectangle. Once you're happy with the shape, drag this layer beneath the green flower layer.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer, resizing it if you need to. Open the Calla Lily of your choice, resize by 80 percent, and paste as a new layer. Move it to the right side. Open a matching bow, copy and paste as a new layer, and resize at 80 percent. Position it over the flower stems, and use the Raster Deform tool to rotate it slightly to the right, so that it looks like it's wrapped around the flowers.

Add elements of choice. I used Butterfly-1, and just pasted it on over and over again (each as a separate layer) and then resized and moved them around as I liked.

Go to Effects>3D Effects>Dropshadow and use these settings: -1, -1, 50, 5, black, and add a dropshadow to each of these layers. Merge visable. If you began with a colored background, hide it before you merge. If you want the tag smaller, crop and/or resize now. Make any sharpening or clarifying corrections now. Add your copyright info. Using any script-style font (I used Dominique, a PTU font) add your name. Convert this layer to raster, then go to Selections>SelectAll>Float>Defloat. Leave it floating (with the marching ants around your name) and add a new raster layer. Go to Selections>Modify>Expand, and depending on the size of your script, expand by 2 or 3. Make sure that you are clicked onto the new blank raster layer, and floodfill the area with a contrasting colour from your tube. Selections>Select none. Click back onto the sig layer, and add the same dropshadow. Save as a .png for a transparent background, or a .jpeg if you want a background.

Thanks for trying my tutorial!

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