Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Mentor, My Friend Awards

Yes, it's Latin. The language of wisdom, and of love. It means My Mentor, My Friend.

I've created this award to honour a handful of very special people who spend a great deal of their time making the tagging and scrapping worlds better for others. They give selflessly of their time to teach, hand-hold, write tutorials and create beautiful things for others to use for free. They are very bright lights in all of our lives, and their touch reaches further than they'll ever know.

The rules of this award are simple: the recipients must be true mentors, and true friends. Please do not give this award to every blog you know of, this is only for those who have gone above and beyond to help others. You must pass it on to at least one person who has been a guiding light for you.

The very first recipients of this award are:

ButterflyFlutterby of ButterflyFlutterby Creations

MayK, of MayK's Tutorials

Lou, of Simply Devilish Scraps

Simone, of Scrappy Bit Of Fun

Serina, of Stylin' Serina

Thank you all for all you do, every day of the year!

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